celestia tower help


today I will tell you some tips for beating the new tower in marleybone called the warehouse.

When you go against the first boss don’t cast any any blades or shields except a myth shield because the boss will earthquake you. after he earrthquakes he will summon three minions. You want to NOT hit the boss till you kill the ice and storm minion or else the storm will hit you with storm lord. Also you dont want to heal unless the life minion is dead.  The order you want to kill them in is life minion ice minion storm minion and then the myth boss.

when you get to the last boss you want to put quenches and death dis spells because he will use a fire nova, fire dragon or in the ending of the battle scarecrow.  you want to kill all of them in this order the to death rats, the cat, ant then the boss. you can also kill the cat before the boss if you don’t death dis spells. also you shouldn’t heal  untill the cat is dead.

P.S.  you will want a life, a fire, and a death to help you.


7 Responses to “celestia tower help”

  1. Sliver DuncanFountain Says:

    who cares about this anyway it doesn’t really help even wizards with strong powers they just ditches all to leave you all alone goes with Grandmaster hey all Ditches You. Imagine This on Wizard101 you get a group great good or a best strong groups and you fight in that tower first boss they will ditch you few times then retried and then then you get another group and you make it to the final boss and they ditch you as well to leave you all alone again after they tried its just stupid enough Wizard101 Shoulden’t Place this Spiral Key Location and i give this location for that Spiral Bad Grade 0% since it was bad to put this spiral key and i am sick of it since no wizards can’t help since they Ditches you. Imagine this happens since its been true to me with that tower even strong wizards including Death,Life,Balance and and others i had all them alot of times and they just ditches you anyway doesn’t matter if its been on first boss or last They will just keep doing this to you. Wizard101 needs a change location its just Pathetic Stupid to put the key in a Cheat Tower

  2. Sliver DuncanFountain Says:

    wizard101 should change the location of the spiral key or give us the key wihtout doing that cheat tower Think about How would you all feel if people ditches even strong wizards especially, All the wizards types and you been ditches at the tower 5-100 times even if differents wizards goes in as well they the same thing imagine that if they kept doing that every time time time

  3. BrookeDarkBlood Says:

    I think Wizard101 was way better without out the new features its just harder now and people are more rude,selfish and ignorant. There going too far…

    • wizard101master Says:

      I do agree it is hard and some people are mean i: but some people think it is funny to just leave everyone in the middle of the tower but it ISNT. If you need help with the tower or any place else just leave a comment and I will be glad to help you 😀 I might be able to get a good team that wont leave in the middle of the tower.

  4. Scot Crowshard Says:

    Whoever came up with the concept of these cheat towers is an evil rotten person. Did they actually expect children to enjoy playing through them dozens of times and not get any results? Shame on the Wizard 101 team for this concept. These towers are not fun in any way and most people will either avoid them completely or give up on their team members halfway through. I thought this was supposed to be a kid friendly game.

    • wizard101master Says:

      Wizard101 created places where the kids would need to use team work to complete some levels. For example, in the old Drgonspyre, the towers were much, MUCH longer. Those towers required team work or a really lucky person. If a kid really wants to beat it, they should ask some friends that they have had for a long time, I bet at least one of the friends will need to beat the tower. It is also less likely for one of your friends to leave you in the tower than a person you asked in Marley Bone.

  5. shelby Says:

    your all right on how some people go in and run half way threw and leave you there to die… there is no reason for it … some quests are ment to be played as a team just like some are ment for you only… It took me almost a mth to find three others to help me with the tower… It is really hard but not impossable if you know the rules it can be done.. It doesnt matter really on the team you bring in …what wizards needs to do it post the rules for quest like these so you can navagate it easyer…NOw that I finish the tower I have no other quest and nothing to do …been looking and waiting for the storm teacher to say the key is ready but nothing I just cant wait till the new world comes and ….and higher levels or somthing to keep us level 60 keep playing ……

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